Chrononauts #4

CBO-Chrononauts-004Even for a miniseries it seems a bit quick to be wrapping things up in four issues and therefore it all ends up feeling incredibly rushed. It is like Millar threw any attempt at a coherent story out the window and channelled his inner Michael Bay for a while.

The artwork by Murphy is once again the upside to this series and to his credit, he manages to make it look great no matter what kind of craziness he is forced to draw. And to think that this has the same colourist as the awesome-looking Wytches.

Millar is going to try and sell this as a potential film, because I can see no other reason for keeping things this short. That said, I started to enjoy it less with each issue and now that it is over I suggest people check out the much better EI8HT instead.

American Vampire: Second Cycle #7

CBO-AmericanVampireSecondCycle-007It is starting to feel like Snyder wants to keep teasing the reader with the idea of vampires in space, as most of this was more of a setup for some bigger action next time. This issue did deliver one very awesome cliff-hanger that actually made me gasp.

Perhaps it is because Albuquerque has his own series going over at Dark Horse Comics, but the artwork felt a bit rushed in places. McCaig did his best to cover it up with the colouring and I really hope it does not become necessary to switch artists.

There is no denying that this was an entertaining issue, but it does feel like most of the creative team is distracted by more interesting projects. But despite that, I am still really enjoying the story and would never consider abandoning the series.

Want to help decide what I review next?

HelpMeReviewAs some of you will have noticed, I recently posted my first comic book review, albeit one edited together from a review I did a while ago. I want to pick a series to read next, but I thought it might be fun to get my readers involved in deciding which one.

First I did my best to pick the three series I was most excited about myself and then added images of the cover and the first two pages of the actual story further down in this post. That way you can look at all three and decide which one I should review.

After that you can leave a comment with the series you picked and one week after this was originally posted I will tally up the votes and start reading. Then depending on new books being published I will repeat this process once the review is posted.

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Wytches #6

CBO-Wytches-006The entire story so far has in fact only been an introduction to the true story and it is cool that Snyder manages to spring that on the reader. I suspect he changed his original ending to this after the series was so well-received and I am not complaining.

The artwork for Wytches has settled into a nice consistency over the past six issues, with the only notable thing being that Hollingsworth uses bright colours a bit more in this issue. That does not really sound like much, but he uses it very effectively.

This issue manages to wrap up the first big storyline in a way that befits a bleak and grim tale of horror, with an ending that means this series could go pretty much anywhere from here. Any fan of proper American horror should really check this out.

Starfire #1

CBO-Starfire-001This series is definitely reminding me of Harley Quinn so far, but that is to be expected. The writing is wonderfully light-hearted and I love how Conner and Palmiotti turned a former sex object into someone who is still figuring out our restrictive morals.

It is hard not to compare the artwork to that of Harley Quinn as well, considering both series have a very bright and happy look to them. And kudos to Lupacchino for giving us a Starfire who is sexy without having to resort to gratuitous poses and such.

The DC Sneak Peek for Starfire got me all excited and the first issue definitely delivers on all fronts. I am very happy to add this series to my reading list and look forward to seeing what comes next. Another point for the portrayal of women in comic books!