So, what is going on?

It has been about a week or two since I last posted anything on my blog and I feel that I should explain the sudden lack of new content in a bit more detail. I definitely have not lost my interest in blogging, but there are three things that are keeping me from updating things regularly.

First of all there is my recently regained interest in ‘Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls,’ where I finally gave the Seasons play mode a try. This adds a further layer to a game that was already well-known for its replayability, not to mention that I am going into things a lot less randomly and this is affecting my game play in a very positive way. That all said, it should not be taking up as much time as it is now and is really eating into my motivation to write up new content for my blog.

Then there is the fact that I recently started reorganizing my collection of digital comic books to more closely resemble the way that places like Comixology are organized. It is making the whole thing a real joy to browse through, but it also means that I temporarily do not have access to some of the titles I have been following for my blog. I could just add the ones I follow and then leave the rest for later, but my collection is already broken up into several parts and I want to finally get everything organized into one big folder.

Finally, and probably most importantly, I am considering a rigorous redesign of my blog from the ground up and anything I add now might potentially be taken down in the process. Nothing from before the redesign will be binned, although I do have to find a good method to archive it in an accessible way, but it would be kind of like trying to fix a car while you are driving it.

Hopefully that explains the aforementioned silence a bit and I will try to keep this post up whilst I redesign my blog just in case people are wondering what on Earth is going on.